Aesthetics Dentistry

We offer various cosmetic dental services to enhance your smile and confidence.
We deliver a range of cosmetic dental services using state-of-the-art technologies that include:

Laser bleaching

Treatment Overview

  1. Veneers
    We use Emax veneers to guarantee a long-lasting winning smile. These are thin laminates of porcelain bonded to the surface of the tooth. These are the best veneers to restore chips, fractures, and misaligned teeth while eliminating discolouring.
  2. Bleaching
    If you’re tired of discoloured teeth, look no further than our bleaching service. We involve whitening the teeth using safe peroxide.
  3. Laser Bleaching
    This pioneering technology uses light energy to remove stains and discolouring from teeth. We also use plasma light technology to make your teeth look whiter, leaving you a beaming smile.
  4. Skyce or tooth jewellery
    We can attach jewels to your teeth if you fancy adding a sparkle to your smile. We use robust and long-lasting adhesive to secure the treasure in a non-invasive manner safety.

What is aesthetics dentistry?

Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is used to beautify your smile and often refers to treatments that enhance your tooth’s appearance rather than functionality.

Why do I need aesthetics dentistry?

This form of dentistry is not essential to maintaining oral health care and takes in various cosmetic treatments to improve your smile.

Aftercare treatment

To ensure your cosmetic treatment lasts long, keep good oral health care, such as regular brushing and flossing your teeth and attending check-ups with your dentist.

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