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Endodontics Dentistry

Endodontics DentistryRoot Canal Treatment or Endodontic treatment refers to the specialized dental procedure of removing damaged or infected dental pulp from a tooth and filling it with biocompatible and inert materials. It is a method that prevents the further developing and spreading of infection and the possibility of that tooth falling out. Root canal therapy is recommended in instances where an abscess (a pocket of pus that forms at the tip of the tooth’s root) becomes visible.

In some cases, however, a tooth that has received endodontic treatment fails to heal or the pain continues. Occasionally, the tooth becomes painful or diseased months or even years after successful treatment. If your tooth has failed to heal or has developed new problems, you have a second chance. Another endodontic procedure may be able to save your tooth.

As occasionally happens with any dental or medical procedure, a tooth may not heal as expected after initial treatment for a variety of reasons:

  • Cavities or gum disease can develop on a root canal treated tooth.
  • The patient failed to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • The tooth/sealing materials have degraded or broken down over time.