Oral Surgery

Some cases require surgery, and you can rest assured that all our oral surgeons are trained to the highest international standards to deliver exceptional services using the latest technologies.

Treatment Overview

Surgery may sound scary, but our dentists are on hand to carry out professional services with care. We use the latest advanced equipment and technologies to ensure your safety. All our operating theatres are 100% sterilized. You’re in good hands with us!

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Gum surgery

What is oral surgery?

The most common oral surgery is to extract and remove teeth. It is a simple procedure that our surgeons have vast experience carrying out.

Why do I need oral surgery?

As mentioned, tooth extraction and removal are the most common form of dental surgery, but it is also necessary in other cases. These include incision and drainage of abscesses, bone and soft tissue grafting, pre-prosthetic and periodontal surgery, and soft tissue laser surgery.

Aftercare Treatment

Each case is different, but you can rest assured that your dentist will provide you with a tailored aftercare package to suit your individual needs.

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