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Conditions for an Implant-Supported Bridge

If you have missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge is a great option to replace those teeth. Instead of being attached to your natural teeth, the bridge will be attached to two dental implants – which provides more stability, making eating easier.

A good oral health routine including regular dentist visits provide the conditions necessary to be considered for the procedure.

Key takeaways:

– Regular dentist check-ups prevent gum disease and enhance your changes of getting dental implants.

– To boost healing of the implants after the procedure, it is vital to quit smoking.

– At least one tooth must be missing and the bone in the jaw must be strong enough to qualify for the procedure.

You’ll first get dental implants in the areas where your missing teeth are and then a temporary dental bridge while your implants heal. Then, you’ll receive your dental bridge which will be permanent, secure, and functional.

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